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The Endurance X-29: Earthmill adds a new turbine model

20th December, 2012

This is a very exciting week for us, and not just because our advent calendars are starting to look really empty.  We have officially announced that, as a direct result of the Norwin / Endurance partnership, we’ll be supplementing our inventory of wind turbines with some new models, including the Endurance X-29.  These are the two reasons why we’re so excited:

  1. The Norwin (now Endurance) models are renowned for their reliability.  This is because the turbines carry a very simplistic, effective design.
  2. The new models come in 225kW, 500kW and 750kW generation sizes, which are larger than our current turbine models.  Being able to supply mid to large sized turbines means that we can cater for a wider range of power demands, which is obviously very useful within the agricultural industry.  In essence, the new turbines can meet the needs of a much larger establishment and provide a much better opportunity for income through export to the National Grid and FiTs.

Beginning with the Endurance X-29, the 225kW wind turbine model, we are now welcoming sales enquiries about the new turbines.  What better way to enter 2013?

If you’re a landowner and would like to find out more, you can request a complimentary site assessment to find out whether your land is suitable for wind power.