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Gaia 133 11kW
Power Production

Gaia 133 11kW Wind Turbine

The Gaia 133 is easily recognisable due to it’s unique dual blade design. The turbine features an over sized rotor with a 133m2 swept area, allowing for extremely efficient energy generation.

The second main feature of the Gaia 133 is its exceptionally quiet operation. Noise is generated by small movement as the blade tips of a wind turbine cut through the air, with the noise level increasing if the rotors turn faster. The Gaia has three measures in place to reduce this noise level as much as possible: one less tip than traditioal triple-bladed models, tips designed not to feather or furl in the wind, and a fixed rotor speed.

The Gaia originated from a Danish design and carries a reputation for reliability. This smaller yield turbine model is popular with UK farmers.

Gaia 133 11kW Wind Turbine

Power Production

The Gaia 133 is rated at 11kW with an expected Reference Annual Energy (RAE) production of 27,502 kW at an average wind speed of 5 m/s.

The Gaia is particularly efficient for it’s size because it features a very large swept area. The larger blades also allow the turbine to begin producing power at the relatively low cut-in wind speed of 3.5 m/s.


Gaia 133 Production Chart


Gaia 133 Specs


Configuration Dual blade
Rated Power 11kW 
Application Direct Grid Tie
Rotor Speed 56 RPM
Turbine Class 3
Cut In Wind Speed 3.5 m/s
Survival Wind Speed 52.5 m/s
Cutout Wind Speed 25 m/s (adjustable)


Rotor Diameter 13m
Blade Material Glass Fibre
Power Regulation Passive Stall Control


Generator Type Two Stage
Configuration 3 phase, 400V@50Hz

Brake & Safety Systems

Main Brake System Mechanical brake; activates both automatically and via manual override
Secondary System Centrifugally activated aerodynamic brakes built into the rotor tips  
Automatic Shutdown triggered by High wind speeds, abnormal vibration, grid disconnection or overheating


Available Hub Heights 15m, 18m, 27m
Tower Type Monopole or Lattice Tower


Standard 5 Years
MCS Compliant Yes

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