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Earthmill hits record power generation peak

24th April, 2013

We are thrilled to announce that our Endurance fleet has reached the capacity to exceed an instantaneous production of 4MW of electricity, which it did for the first time on 16th April!  That means that in favourable conditions the turbines under our care can generate up to a 4MW level of clean energy which is channelled into powering British farms and back into the National Grid for use in your homes.

Earthmill Account Manager Dave Smith says, “We’re delighted to have hit a 4MW peak.  Even more exciting, we hit our 4MW peak using only 85% of our fleet due to cut-out level wind speeds in some parts of the country so our actual capability is probably more like 4.5MW, which we’re looking forward to achieving – hopefully very soon!”

The Earthmill Endurance fleet is constantly monitored by a software system called ERIC, which stands for Endurance Remote Interface Centre.  ERIC enables us to check at a glance that our fleet is performing as it should be and keeps track of important information such as instantaneous power generation, total power generation and the average wind speed across the fleet.

ERIC allows us to make sure each turbine under our care is functioning correctly and respond to any potentially erroneous activity immediately.  “We are very proud of our customer service here at Earthmill,” comments Earthmill Managing Director Steve Milner.  “Our in house specialists provide dedicated customer care for our current and potential clients; ERIC helps our team of engineers provide first class care for the turbines.”

See up to date fleet figures here.