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Turbine Buy Back Scheme

With rising costs of turbine ownership, Earthmill Maintenance are proud to announce the launch of the Turbine Buy Back Scheme.

Wind Turbine Buy Back Scheme

Do you want to avoid the year on year costs and risks associated with turbine ownership? Earthmill Maintenance parent company Arena Capital Partners are a private equity-backed company looking to expand their current fleet of wind turbines by purchasing them from owners like you. 

How it works

By selling your turbine you would receive a lump-sum cash payment upfront and also enjoy an annual income for the expected lifetime of the turbine in exchange for continuing to host the turbine on your land. Adopters can also continue to benefit from access to cheap energy. 

The benefits

As turbines age, evidence of wear on some components means that upgrades are often required in order to preserve the longevity of the machines. Following the unfortunate collapse of several turbine manufacturers such as Endurance, many owners have been left without the peace-of-mind of a warranty for their turbine and so it will be they who will have to foot the bill for the upgrades.

By selling to ARENA, customers will not only recuperate their investment and eliminate the risk of turbine ownership, but also continue to benefit from cheap energy and an annual payment for the remainder of the 20 year Feed In-Tariff in exchange for continuing to host the turbine on their land.



Find out more

To discuss the Turbine Buy Back Scheme in more detail, contact a member of the Earthmill Maintenance team on: 

T: 01937 581011
F: 01937 584739

Alternatively you can fill out the form on our contact page

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