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Buy A Wind Turbine

“Buying a wind turbine has been the best investment I have ever made” – Peter Hird, Cumbria

Buying a wind turbine involves minimal risk and allows you to enjoy long term financial rewards alongside future-proofing your energy costs.

The rewards are:

  • Reduced energy bills
  • Additional income from exported electricity
  • 20 years of index linked FiTs income
  • Reduction of your carbon footprint
  • Raise the green credentials of your business

The risk involved is the cost of planning which we will manage on your behalf. Earthmill has an excellent approval rate and years of experience in building successful applications.

We are fellow investors in wind; many of the 200 operational wind turbines that we manage are owned outright by Earthmill. We are highly experienced in delivering turbine projects ranging from 50kw to 500kw.  

The digression of the FiT rate over the last few years has proven discouraging to some investors due to the decrease in expected financial returns. However, within the same timeframe turbine manufacturers have continued to develop the efficiency of their products and we have seen power output increase by up to 40%, making wind a viable investment for business owners with higher energy requirements.

A wind turbine remains a great way for businesses with a high energy requirement to meet carbon reduction targets and avoid financial penalties from the government as well as making savings on energy bills.


Is my site viable?

The first step of a wind turbine project is to make sure that it is feasible to site a wind turbine on your land. After completing an initial desktop feasibility study one of our experienced site assessors will visit your site to identify a suitable location and discuss the project in more detail.

We will research planning requirements, wind speed, grid connection costs and your energy needs; we will then advise you on which wind turbine is best suited to your site. We will also provide you with a 20 year financial forecast that you would be able to present to your Bank Manager.


Site requirements:

There are three key requirements:

  • You need a sufficient average wind speed at your site
  • Your site ideally has 3 phase electricity or is located near to a 3 phase electricity supply
  • There should be a reasonable distance between the intended site of the turbine and your closest neighbours, typically over 180m

Contact us today to find out if buying a wind turbine for your site is a viable investment. We can do the initial assessment of your site for viability remotely, we just need a few details and your postcode. This assessment is free and you can request one here. Alternatively you can get in touch to discuss your options with one of our in-house specialists by email or telephone.


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