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Earthmill introduces sale of new Endurance turbines

25th January, 2013

Earthmill have long enjoyed a successful relationship with international turbine manufacturer Endurance, becoming the leading supplier of the E-3120 model in the world.  The recent partnership of Endurance and Danish turbine manufacturer Norwin has opened up a fantastic opportunity for landowners in the North of England and on the Scottish boarder.

As a result of the partnership, Earthmill will now be offering three additional wind turbine models: a 225kW, 500kW and 750kW.  These turbines will be at the medium to larger end of the turbine range, perfect for landowners with larger properties or who wish to enjoy a larger energy yield.

“The new models will be an exciting edition to our turbine range,” commented Mark Woodward, Earthmill’s Director of Sales. “With rising energy costs many farmers are looking for alternative energy options to power their businesses.  Wind power is a truly fantastic option because it’s clean and completely renewable.  Turbine owners don’t just benefit from the power generated by the turbine; there is also additional income to be had from exporting surplus energy back to the national grid and the Feed-in Tariff, which the government pays out for every kilowatt hour of clean energy you produce.”

Norwin turbines are renowned for being simplistic in design and, as a direct result, effective and reliable.  The first of the new models is already available: the 225kW model has been renamed the Endurance X-29 and Earthmill is now accepting sales enquiries.

To find out if your land is suitable for wind power generation please use our complimentary site assessment tool.