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Endurance Update

7th November, 2016

A copy of the correspondence to customers sent out today by Earthmill’s Managing Director Steve Milner, providing an update regarding Endurance Wind Power.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I’m writing to inform you that unfortunately Endurance’s Canadian operation was closed last week and have ceased trading. I understand that an administrator has been appointed and we anticipate an announcement regarding the future of their UK subsidiary within the coming days.

This situation is still not fully understood as we have had no UK announcement, however I didn’t want to leave it any longer to communicate the situation to our clients. The main impact should Endurance UK follow Canada is parts availability (for the bespoke parts) and the loss of a manufacturer warranty.

I appreciate this is a concerning situation for you as turbine owners, but please rest assured we are working hard to make sure we have as much in place as possible to limit any impact of this change. We are currently working with the 4 other approved maintenance companies with a plan to pool our resources to source and hold key parts, equipment and host monitoring software to ensure we can continue to fully support our and your turbines.

Our immediate objective is to establish what is happening to the UK operation and limit the impact this will have on supply chain and client support. Therefore I would hope to update you on the situation as the week progresses; as soon as we get more news will update you. If you wish to call to discuss in more detail with myself or the team please call the office on 01937581011.

Steve Milner