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In the UK, wind turbine noise is generally regulated by ETSUR97. These planning guidelines state that a wind turbine should not register to be louder than 45 decibels from any nearby dwellings. There are therefore recommended ‘acoustic set-back’ distances for each turbine that Earthmill supply in order to achieve this. Our turbines require between 180m and 500m (model dependent) from nearby dwellings to adhere to the guidelines. However these distances can be reduced in areas where there is background noise present such as roads or machinery.

Why Earthmill

Why Earthmill Maintenance?

Earthmill Founding Director: Steve Milner"Customer Service has always been core to our values at Earthmill Maintenance, that's why 94% of our customers say they would recommend us to a friend or work with us again."

Steve Milner
Founder & Managing Director