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How To Squeeze The Most From Your Wind Turbine

18th March, 2016

There are only really a small number of factors which can affect the production value and efficiency of a wind turbine once it’s in the ground and generating electricity:

  • Operating condition
  • Availability
  • Weather

There’s not much you can do about the weather but you can make a huge difference to your annual returns by selecting the right wind turbine maintenance package to suit your needs. These are the key areas where the right package will really make a difference to your revenue:

Maintenance response

From time to time you wind turbine is likely to need unplanned maintenance. It’s absolutely key that your maintenance team are able to respond quickly as every hour your turbine is down is another hour you’re not generating power and revenue.

We stay on top of response time in three ways:

  • We monitor our entire Endurance fleet live from our head office, so we can pre-empt most problems occurring. We can fix most issues remotely and if that can’t be done we dispatch an engineer.
  • Our team of engineers all carry vehicle trackers, so in the event that a site visit is required we can see which engineer is closest to you and direct them straight to your site.
  • Finally, we operate an out of hours emergency phone number and email address, so you can always reach us if you need to.

The industry up-time average for farm scale wind turbines is 95%. Earthmill are proud to maintain an up-time average of 98%, which roughly calculates to an additional £2,000 return each year (based on a 55kW wind turbine).

“I rang Earthmill concerned that my turbine had stopped working. They were able to tell me that lightning had struck my turbine during the night and that not only had they already dispatched an engineer, but that the engineer was finished, on his way off the property and the turbine was already operational again!”

Peter Beal, February 2016

Servicing Quality

Servicing quality is key in keeping your wind turbine running and generating as efficiently as possible. Your company of choice should use the best approved parts and engineers should be fully trained and certified to do the job.

Dedicated Service & Maintenance Engineers

Earthmill operate a team of dedicated, fully certified wind turbine engineers, with over 65 years of industry experience. We also own and maintain the largest fleet of maintained turbines in the UK, making Service & Maintenance is a very important part of our business.

Installers 4

Our policy of continuous training and our excellent working relationship with turbine manufacturers mean that we are always at the forefront of best practice when it comes to keeping your turbine running reliably.


Our wind turbine maintenance service currently covers the following makes: Endurance, Gaia, Kingspan and Proven.

If your wind turbine is already out of or close to leaving its manufacturer warranty, or your current package is coming to an end, we’d love you to get in touch for a brief conversation about our Service Packages. Alternatively, you can request a free desktop site assessment online.