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Site assessments and viability studies for wind power

27th November, 2012

One of the great things about Earthmill is that every installation begins with a complimentary site assessment and viability study.  If you own land in the North of England or on the Scottish boarder then you’re eligible for one.

So what happens when you submit your postcode for a site assessment?  One of our in-house specialists will call you within one working day and this initial conversation will examine suitability aspects such as:

  • Wind conditions at your site
  • Whether you have a suitable space which is an appropriate distance from buildings, hedgerows and neighbours
  • Topography
  • Any previous radar based objections from your area

Your assessor will use geographical satellite software to get a bird’s eye view of your land and wind speed database software to get an understanding of the typical weather your site experiences.

At this point, if your site is viable, you have the option to extend your site assessment for further analysis.  This again doesn’t cost anything and involves an assessor paying a visit to your land to perform some physical tests, measurements and readings.

Site assessments and viability studies do not obligate you to proceed with an installation enquiry.  To find out if your site has potential for wind power visit our Site Assessment tool and submit your postcode.