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The first Endurance 50kW Open Day

4th July, 2011

Earthmill held the first Open Day for the Endurance 50kW wind
turbine on Wednesday 29th June 2011 turned out to be a fantastic success. With
an incredible turn out the event turned out to be a really good opportunity for
Earthmill, Endurance and the people who attended.

The day began with a presentation from Steve Milner (Managing Director of
Earthmill). This was closely followed by a presentation from Kevin Heaney
representing Endurance. The group then headed off to see the star attraction,
the Endurance 50kW turbine. This was a good opportunity for people to get the
answers to the questions they had. This was followed up with a light lunch and
a further chance for people to ask their questions before the second session

This was overall a fantastic day and has left Earthmill extremely
excited for the upcoming Open Day on Thursday 21st July. To book your place on
the next Open Day please do not hesitate to contact us on 01937 581011 alternatively,