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Find out how much could you earn from CHP

4th January, 2016

Biomass CHP is worth an annual net financial benefit of between £40,000 and £102,000 (per plant), depending on whether your business has a high, medium or low requirement for heat and power. The technology is efficient enough to be viable for any level of energy user. Please see the charts below to see which bracket you might fall into and an estimate of how much a single combined CHP plant could be worth to your business every year.

Please click on any of the charts below to enlarge:

High Energy User

A high energy user has a constant requirement for heat and power throughout the year.

All of the heat and power from the CHP plant will be put directly to work for the business. There is not expected to be any surplus heat or power from the plant.

Biomass CHP costs and returns - high energy user chart

Medium Energy User

A medium energy user may have a lower requirement for heat and power, or a high requirement for only part of the year.

Some of the electric from the plant may be exported to the grid and some of the heat may be used for new purposes*.

Biomass CHP costs and returns - medium energy user chart

Low Energy User

A low energy user may have very low requirements for energy and heat, or may already be generating heat and power on-site.

All of the electricity from the CHP plant will be sold back to the grid and all of the heat will generate new revenue by going towards a new use*.

Biomass CHP costs and returns - low energy user chart

*Where there is surplus heat from the plant, this can be used to generate further additional revenue through a new use or can be used to reduce fuel costs for the plant by drying the woodchips on-site.

If you would like to learn more about biomass CHP or have the value of CHP to your business assessed then please contact us on 01937 581011 or request a free desktop assessment online.