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Wind turbines are (still) beautiful!

27th March, 2013

Here at Earthmill, our opinion regarding whether or not wind turbines are beautiful is fairly obvious – we love them! The recent comments of Dame Helen Ghosh, Director-General of the National Trust, have inspired us to further revisit the concept.

Dame Helen told the Sunday Times that she believed wind turbines can be a graceful addition to the landscape, adding in reference to wind farms, “We object to them where they are a blot on our historic landscape.”  This is particularly relevant to Earthmill, as an  Earthmill Endurance E-3120 has very recently gone up on the famous Brontë landscape near Haworth, Yorkshire.

“The planning for this particular turbine took a year and a half of hard work to achieve,” commented Aimee Brehany of Earthmill, the account manager assigned to the project.  “During the planning process the client worked closely with the regional landscape officer to ensure that the impact on the landscape was as minimal as possible.  The dedicated work, coordination and communication between the planning team and landscape officials made this project not only possible, but ensured an outcome that everyone involved was satisfied with.”

Dame Helen displays an inspiring amount of foresight in her recent comments to the Sunday Times. She goes on to mention, “If you think back to what the railways looked like to the 19th century mind, or indeed the 18th century when the canals were coming through, I think we have to have our minds open to how the wind turbine will appear to us in 100 years.”

We’ve seen wind turbines go up against some absolutely stunning back-drops.  However, instead of detracting from the look of the landscape, wind turbines can cut a rather elegant figure:

E-3120 wind turbine in Grange-over-Sands, Flookburgh