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500 tonnes of carbon saved monthly

30th October, 2012

As a leading company in the supply of renewable energy, Earthmill takes its contribution to the reduction of Co2 emissions very seriously. Making a conscious day to day effort through recycling and supporting the government incentive bike to work scheme, Earthmill encourages all members of staff to do their bit for the environment. The Earthmill office is also powered through a renewable energy source, routing power from a dedicated wind turbine.

The contribution that Earthmill is most proud of, however, is the combined Co2 saving through the installed wind turbines. Earthmill is proud to announce that the fleet of Endurance E-3120 Wind Turbines have reached a carbon saving figure of around 500 tonnes per month, not including the carbon saving from Earthmill’s fleet of smaller turbines.

The really fantastic thing is that these figures are already out of date as this figure will continue to rise as more turbines are commissions, producing more and more clean electricity by the second. We always look forward to reviewing our increased figures as it enables us to translate the work we have done in the office and the field to the difference it is making to the planet.

You can find out more about powering your business and home via turbine on our Services page.