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We’re Backing The Big 60,000

13th February, 2014

 Tom & Jilie Mellor of Wold Top BrewerySmall energy production is growing more and more popular, with many communities and businesses investing in small scale wind power. Already 80% of community energy schemes include wind power, with the help of the government funded FiT tariff, which provides financial support for renewable energy.

Onshore wind is the most cost effective source of renewable energy in the UK and Earthmill is focussed on making distributed wind an accessible option for as many British farmers and landowners as possible. As the windiest country in the UK, it makes perfect sense for UK landowners to take advantage of this freely available natural resource.

One of the best things about generating renewable energy through farm scale wind turbines is that the power is obtained and used locally. By producing power on the site where it’s needed, even a small turbine can make a huge impact on the power consumption around that site. Plus, every turbine is sympathetically sited and rigorously tested using imaging software to keep the impact on the environment and landscape minimal.

Going forward UK businesses are going to be coming under more and more pressure to drive down their carbon footprint.  By generating their own energy on-site, businesses can significantly decrease their reliance on non-sustainable power, the rising cost of energy and their carbon footprint.

With the FiT tariff set to begin decreasing in April this year, there will be less financial support available for prospective wind farmers. To support the Big 60,000 campaign and help to appeal the decrease of the FiTs tariff you can add your signature to the petition here.