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Wind power insulating against unpredictable weather

26th February, 2013

Renewable energy providing added security to farming businesses against unpredictable weather?

The NFU has reported huge losses to the farming industry at the hands of the unpredictable weather of 2012. Many clients reported loss of income as a result of poor harvest. This is something that was reflected in the NFU’s estimates claiming that between 1.3 billion and 600 million was lost due to lost output and particularly poor harvests.

In a climate where the weather is becoming more and more unpredictable it is important for farmers to consider other options that may provide some financial stability such as purchasing a wind turbine for your land or leasing your land to Earthmill. Leasing your land involves no capital outlay and requires a small portion of your land. You could see the financial benefit from year one of the installation.

At Earthmill, we feel now is a really important time for farmers to look at their options regarding renewable energy. The financial aspect is never going to be as good as it is now. National planning policy is supporting renewable energy and some grid lines are reaching full grid capacity. Whether you decide that purchasing a wind turbine is the best option for your business or renting your land to an installer such as Earthmill the benefit of a wind turbine on your land will certainly make you look at a windy day differently.

To find out whether your site is suitable for wind power please request a complimentary site assessment via our site assessment page.