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Norwin Wind Turbine Technology

Norwin Wind Turbine Technology is a Danish company, specialising in mid-sized turbines. A leading turbine designer, Norwin has been making turbines since 1982 and licensing other companies to produce their models since 2007.

In late 2012 Norwin formed an alliance with Endurance, allowing Endurance to manufacture and distribute Norwin turbine models, the first of which was the X-29. In 2013 Earthmill became the first suppler and installer in the UK to install the Endurance X-29 225kW wind turbine.

Norwin Turbines

Norwin turbines are renowned for being simple in design and extremely reliable and efficient as a result. Efficient generators with low resistance mean that Norwin turbines start generating power at relatively slow wind speeds. Stall control and integrated air brakes allow the turbines to continue to function and / or survive at high, potentially damaging wind speeds.

Why Earthmill

Why Earthmill Maintenance?

Earthmill Founding Director: Steve Milner"Customer Service has always been core to our values at Earthmill Maintenance, that's why 94% of our customers say they would recommend us to a friend or work with us again."

Steve Milner
Founder & Managing Director