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Specialists in the supply, installation and maintenance of wind turbines for agriculture across the UK.

Earthmill is the largest 50-500kW wind turbine supplier and installer in the UK.  Specialising in the agricultural industry, we handle every stage of wind turbine projects in-house from planning right through to installation and maintenance. 

A wind turbine is an ideal way to generate your own free electricity, earn regular extra income and drive down your carbon footprint.  As the windiest country in Europe, onshore wind power generation is the most cost effective way of producing renewable energy in the UK.  A wind turbine only usually takes up around 6 to 8m2 of space and the surrounding land remains suitable for normal agricultural use.  When you take all of these factors into consideration, a wind turbine is an ideal route to becoming a more sustainable supplier.

Our service is available to landowners all across the UK mainland.  We have a range of options which allow you to acquire a wind turbine regardless of your budget, as long as you have a suitable site.  If you have at least five acres of land, three phase electricity and a minimum distance of 260 meters from your closest neighbour then you qualify for a free desktop site assessment.

3 flexible ways to acquire a wind turbine:

Land Rental

Earn between £3,500 and £45,000 a year. Access power at up to 50% less than commercial rates. Zero financial investment.

Outright Purchase

Full access to free power from the turbine. Additional income from FiTs and Export. Return on investment possible within 4 to 8 years.

Joint Venture

Provide 20-50% of the finance, take the same percentage in profits from the turbine. Access to significantly cheaper energy.


A further six new jobs are being created by rapidly expanding renewable energy company Earthmill as it expands to meet demand for farm scale wind turbines from farmers and landowners across the UK. The £15m turnover Wetherby-based company, that already employs 25 staff in Yorkshire and 20 approved sub-contractors across the country has announced plans to hire a new finance director after announcing investment in a move to a new 2,500 sq ft head office at Audby Lane in Wetherby. “We’re recruiting a full time finance director at...

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Earthmill will be appearing at the Cereal Show.  The event will take place at Chrishall Grange near Duxford, Cambridgeshire on the 11th of June from 08.00am.  Take the first step and visit the Earthmill team!

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Quarterly Wind Farmer

Wold Top Brewery at Hunmanby Grange is located on 600 acres of the Yorkshire Wolds, which has belonged to and been farmed by the Mellor family for generations.  Their award winning ales are packed with features and ingredients sourced from the surrounding lands including the names of the brews, water from a borehole located only meters from the brewery and barley which is grown on the land and malted...

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