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3. Grid Connection

Grid Connection

Earthmill Maintenance manage the process of connecting to the grid alongside your planning application.  This is to ensure that you are able to move ahead with the project as soon as planning is granted.

Connecting a wind turbine to an electricity supply requires permission from the Distribution Network Operator (DNO). Factors that influence their decision vary according to the size of the turbine, site supply type and strength.  

To connect to the grid we must apply for a ‘firm quote’. Electrical design work and schematic drawings are required to be submitted along with details of the intended installation. It takes around 90 days for the DNO to reply with a formal offer of connection. This needs to either be paid in full or a deposit to be submitted in order to reserve the grid capacity for your connection. A formal grid acceptance is required in order to pre-accredit your installation. 

What makes Earthmill Maintenance unique is we have in-house electrical design engineers with strong working relationships across the various distribution network operators (DNOs). They will manage your grid connection application on your behalf to get the most cost effective result. By managing this process in-house we are not reliant on third party design consultants and as a result have been able to save some of our customers as much as £40,000.

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