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Endurance E-Series Fixes & Upgrades

Since the liquidation of turbine manufacturer Endurance we have endeavoured to keep our client’s turbines generating. We have invested in over £1m of spares including generators, blade sets and gear boxes. We have sourced original component manufacturers and we have worked with insurers to design an insurance backed warranty to give our customers peace of mind.

Our next step is to seek to improve weaknesses in the original Endurance designs and provide professionally engineered solutions to ensure the longevity of the machines across our entire fleet.

After in-depth market research considering all the upgrade options available, we felt the solutions provided by Turbine Engineering Developments Ltd (TED) would best meet the needs of our customers and we are therefore proud to announce our partnership with the Yorkshire based company.

All TED products are designed and manufactured in the UK to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 standards. The vast majority of components are manufactured by Lyndhurst Precision Engineering Ltd using the same standards used in their products built for aerospace and nuclear industries.

Redesigned Bed plate

A redesigned bed plate has been developed for safe and reliable operation following instances of cracks appearing in some machines.

To first understand and prove the problems with the original Endurance bed plate, evidence from millions of hours of data from the original design was analysed. TED identified areas of weakness in the original Endurance design and in some cases evidence of poor quality steel.

Huge amounts of work have been carried out working alongside metallurgists, experts in NDT and FEA stress analysis. This resulted in a brand new bed plate being developed that utilised better quality steel and the best aspects of the old design whilst fully redesigning the areas of weakness. We are confident that the new design is capable of outlasting a turbines lifespan even on the most turbulent and exposed sites.


Upgraded Braking system

As anyone who has witnessed a brake stop on an E-series turbine will testify, it is very sudden. The pneumatic brake system has been a bugbear of these machines and are better suited to clamping and holding, rather than slowing in a controlled manner.

TED have developed a new braking system that is progressive, fully automatic and effective. The new system also has the advantage of allowing stops that are much less stressful on the machine as opposed to the original system that creates stresses especially on the low speed shaft and bed plate.

The old brake system has been retained to effectively be used as a handbrake only when the machine is stopped.

Low speed shaft

TED have totally redesigned the low speed shaft to reduce fatigue which led to failures in a number of the original machines. The quality of steel used in its construction has also been improved.

The patented new design uses a high grade billet with a multi-point fixing. These tried and tested design principles backed up with finite element stress analysis, produce a much more robust system, more commonly used in high stress environments, instead of a taper lock system used in the original Endurance part.

TED have also custom made the main bearings and seals, and use a specific grease which seals them for life – the original Endurance sealing arrangement allowed the ingress of water leading premature wear which could ultimately lead to failure.

Finally, with the addition of an anti-corrosion finish, this shaft and system has been designed and built for life.


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