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Wind Turbines For Sale

Earthmill supply and install a comprehensive range of wind turbines, of varying ratings and designs. This allows us to match the best model to a site in order to achieve the most effective and productive result. Once we have assessed and understand a site we can make a recommendation as to which model will best suit your needs. 


Manufacturer Model kW Rating AEP @ 6.5 m/s Generator Tower Heights (m) Rotor Diameter
Endurance E-3120 50 196,000 kW Gearbox 24, 36 19m
Northern Power Systems NPS 60C-24 60 257,000 kW Direct Drive 22, 29, 37 24m
Endurance E-4660 85 268,000 kW Gearbox 24, 36 24m
Northern Power Systems NPS 100C-21 100 261,000 kW Direct Drive 19, 29, 37 21m
Northern Power Systems NPS 100C- 24 100 325,000 kW Direct Drive 22, 29, 37 24m
Endurance X-35Q 180 548,000 kW Gearbox 30, 40 35m
Endurance X-29 225 529,000 kW Gearbox  30, 40 29m
Endurance X-35 225 646,000 kW Gearbox 30, 40 35m
EWT DW54 500 1,870,000 kW Direct Drive 35, 40, 50, 75 52m



Endurance E-Series

TEndurance Wind Powerhe Endurance E-Series is arguably the most popular agricultural scale wind turbine design in the UK. Easily identified by it’s rounded nacelle, Earthmill have installed and continue to maintain more E-Series turbines than any other developer in the world.

With the 50kW E-3120 and the 85kW E-4660 versions available on 24 and 37m tower height options, the E-Series combines a high energy yield with low visual impact providing excellent return on investment (ROI) and improved chances of planning success. 

As a result of years of technical refinements, the E-Series are very reliable. Made entirely from off-the-shelf tried and tested parts such as an Siemens gearbox and an ABB generator, you can rest assured that spare parts will always be readily available for the E-Series turbine range. 

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Endurance X series

Endurance Wind PowerThe Endurance X-Series is based on a design that has been tried and tested for more than 25 years  by Danish engineering firm Norwin. Working with Norwin designers, Endurance have added the latest technological refinements to the original design to create a number variations which are now built in Endurance’s UK factory. The X-series range of 180kW to 225kW wind turbines provide solutions to over come common challenges of grid availability, acoustic set back and wind resource.

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Northern Power Wind Turbines

Northern Power SystemsBuilt in North America the NPS range use permanent magnet/direct drive technology on all of their turbines. The big advantage of this is that the turbine can be simply ‘dialled back’ to restrict the power output when there is only limited grid capacity available. If and when the local grid infrastructure is later upgraded, the turbine can retrospectively be turned back to operate at full power to maximise your earnings.

The flexible NPS range of turbines offer a variety of tower heights, rotor diameters and power outputs so there is a suitable turbine for virtually any site. 

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EWT Wind Turbines

EWT Wind TurbinesEWT manufacture 500kW turbines which use direct drive technology to drive the synchronous generator without using a gearbox. Less moving parts means the turbine is very reliable increasing availability for energy generation. 

EWT was established in the Netherlands in 2004. With offices in Europe, North America and Asia the company has installed over 500 turbines worldwide. EWT offer a full service, with in-house design engineers, international and domestic office support and comprehensive service and maintenance programs. 

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