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Kingspan KW6 6kW
Power Production

Kingspan KW6 6kW Wind Turbine

The KW6 6kW wind turbine from Kingspan is a popular small-scale wind turbine. The KW6 has a downwind self-regulating design which allows the turbine to automatically track the wind direction so there is no need for an active yaw control.

The turbine also features an over-speed protection system, eliminating the need for brakes and gearbox, and ensuring uninterrupted operation even in high winds. The design of the blades and hinges allow the KW6 to self-regulate rotational speed, meaning that there is no cut-out. The KW6 is independently tested to class 2, with a survival wind speed of 59.5 m/s.

The KW6 model provides a Reference Annual Energy (RAE) of 8,949kWh at 5m/s. Pole height options range from 9 to 20m.

The Kingspan KW6 6kW Wind Turbine


Kingspan KW6 6kW Wind Turbine



Power Production

The Kingspan KW6 is rated at 6kW with an expected Reference Annual Energy (RAE) production of 8,949 kW at an average wind speed of 5 m/s.

The design of the turbine allows it to function in high speeds and has no cut-out, meaning that as long as the cut-in speed of 3.5 m/s is reached, the KW6 should be producing energy on a continuous basis.

Annual Energy Production (AEP)

KW6 Production Chart


Kingspan KW6 Specs


Configuration Three blade, downwind, self-regulating
Rated Power 6kW 
Application Direct Grid Tie, Battery Charging, Direct Heating
Rotor Speed 200 RPM
Turbine Class 2
Cut In Wind Speed 3.5 m/s
Survival Wind Speed 59.5 m/s
Cutout Wind Speed N/A


Rotor Diameter 5.6m
Blade Material Glass Thermoplastic Composite
Power Regulation Anti Over-Speed Control



Generator Type Direct Drive
Configuration Single / Dual / Three Phase

Brake & Safety Systems

Main Brake System Overspeed Protection System
Secondary System N/A
Automatic Shutdown triggered by N/A


Available Hub Heights 9m, 11m, 15m, 20m
Tower Type Taper Fit Monopole


Standard 5 Year
MCS Compliant Yes

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