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Feed-in Tariff

A portion of the income from a wind turbine comes from the Feed in Tariff. The Feed in Tariff, or FiTs, is a government scheme designed to encourage British land owners to generate their own renewable energy.

Whether you choose to use the energy from a turbine yourself or export everything directly to the National Grid, the government will pay the owner of a wind turbine a reward for every unit of clean energy produced for twenty years following installation.

Once your turbine is accredited by OFGEM, you will secure a fixed rate which  is secure for 20 years and will rise in line with inflation.

OFGEM accreditation is handled by Earthmill as part of the planning and installation process and we will aim to secure you the best possible rate.


  Pre January 2015 From January 2016
Feed-in Tariff

Sub 100kW 13.73p

50-1500kW 4.5p

Sub 500kW 10.85p



 What will you earn in FiTs?

You can easily estimate your potential FiTs earnings by cross referencing your wind speed with the power rating of the turbine model you are interested in to find your annual production estimate. You’ll then multiply your annual production by the current FiT rate to arrive at an annual FiTs income estimate. For example:

225kW at 6.5 m/s produces 646,000 units of electricity per year. 646,000 x £0.045 = £29,070 p/a


    Turbine Rating (kWh)

Wind Speed (m/s)

  50kW 60kW 85kW 100kW 180kW 225kW 500kW
6 169,400 230,000 231,600 284,000 475,000 550,000 1,661,435
6.5 195,900 257,000 267,700 325,000 548,000 646,000 1,870,815
7 222,400 281,000 303,900 364,000 616,000 738,000 2,060,827
7.5 246,100 302,000 335,600 399,000 681,000 823,000 2,231,296
8 269,900 327,500 367,300 439,000 751,500 917,000 2,382,631


Not sure about your wind speed? You can find out quickly and easily by requesting a free site assessment.

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*You may notice that some higher rated machines produce lower yields at lower wind speeds than some lower rated machines. This is because those models are designed for installation in higher wind speed areas which is why it’s vital to match the correct turbine to each site.

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