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Northern Power Wind Turbines

“I chose the Northern Power as it appears to be well engineered, efficient and has a good track record. The NP100’s output can also be limited until grid upgrades are completed at our site” – Mark Sealy, Aberdeenshire

Built in North America the NPS range use permanent magnet/direct drive technology on all of their turbines. The big advantage of this is that the turbine can be simply ‘dialled back’ to restrict the power output when there is only limited grid capacity available. If and when the local grid infrastructure is later upgraded, the turbine can retrospectively be turned back to operate at full power to maximise your earnings. 

The flexible NPS range of turbines offer a variety of tower heights, rotor diameters and power outputs so there is a suitable turbine for virtually any site. 


NPS 100C-21 100kW

The 100kW NPS 100C-21 incorporates a 21m rotor diameter designed for windier sites. With a permanent magnet/direct drive generator, the output can easily be dialled back meaning this machine is a great option for grid constrained areas. 

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NPS 100C-24 100kW

The NPS 100C is Northern Power Systems latest refinement of its signature 100kW direct drive wind turbine. A new 24-metre rotor creates a larger swept area increasing the annual energy production (AEP) by 11% over the last model. 

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NPS 60C-24 60kW

The 60kW NPS 60-24 has a 24m rotor diameter the which optimised to generate high output at sites with a moderate average annual wind speed. Direct drive technology allows the turbine output to be limited in weak grid areas.  

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  • Service & Maintenance

    Earthmill Maintenance provide comprehensive service and maintenance packages to keep your technology running at optimum efficiency.

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  • Condition Monitoring

    The most important choice you can make to protect your turbine by identifying faults at an early stage to avoid major incidents

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    Flexible options to cash in on your existing turbine by selling it to our partners or begin the process to purchase and install a new one

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