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E-Series Endurance Wind Turbines

“Our turbines have reduced our energy bill on the farm by up to 90%”  – Tom Mellor, Yorkshire Brewery Owner

About the E-Series

The Endurance E-Series is arguably the most popular agricultural scale wind turbine design in the UK.  Easily identified by it’s rounded nacelle, Earthmill have installed and continue to maintain more E-Series turbines than any other developer in the world.

With the 50kW E-3120 and the 85kW E-4660 versions available on 24 and 37m tower height options, the E-Series combines a high energy yield with low visual impact providing excellent return on investment (ROI) and improved chances of planning success. 

As a result of years of technical refinements, the E-Series are very reliable. Made entirely from off-the-shelf tried and tested parts such as an Siemens gearbox and an ABB generator, you can rest assured that spare parts will always be readily available for the E-Series turbine range. 


Endurance E3120 50kW







Delivering Higher than Expected Results

The tried and tested 50kW Endurance E3120 is the UK’s most popular turbine. Earthmill have installed over 150 since becoming an authorised distributor for Endurance in 2010. With tower heights starting at just 24m, the E3120 is modest in size yet delivers a surprisingly high yield. 
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Endurance E4660 85kW







Quietly maximising output and efficiency 

The new Endurance E4660 85kW turbine makes use of a larger rotor to increase the total swept area and drive efficiency to maximise output. This is also the quietest turbine in its class and is therefore perfect for sites where noise constraints could be an issue. 

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  • Service & Maintenance

    Earthmill Maintenance provide comprehensive service and maintenance packages to keep your technology running at optimum efficiency.

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  • Condition Monitoring

    The most important choice you can make to protect your turbine by identifying faults at an early stage to avoid major incidents

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    Flexible options to cash in on your existing turbine by selling it to our partners or begin the process to purchase and install a new one

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