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X-Series Endurance Wind Turbines

“As a high energy user the X-Series perfectly fits my farm’s needs” – Tim Dart, Cornish Farmer

25 Years of Proven Performance

The Endurance X-series is based on a design that has been tried and tested for more than 25 years by Danish engineering firm Norwin. Working with Norwin designers, Endurance have added the latest technological refinements to the original design to create a number variations which are now built in Endurance’s UK factory. The X-series range of 180kW to 225kW wind turbines provide solutions to over come common challenges of grid availability, acoustic set back and wind resource. 

Endurance X29 225kW

Time-tested and performance-proven

Tried and tested for over 25 years, the 225kW Endurance X-29 is designed for optimal performance on sites with a high wind speed. Available with tower height options of 30m & 40m the X-29 sits modestly in landscape 

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Endurance X35 225kW

The most productive turbine in its class

The 225kW X35 incorporates a 35m diameter rotor. The large swept area makes it the most productive turbine in its class on sites with a wind speed lower 7.5m/s offering low cost of ownership.  Tower height options of 30 & 40m are available

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Endurance X35Q 180kW

Making more sites work

Using a 180kW generator the X35Q fits into sites with grid constraints and often for much lower connection cost. The slowly-turning rotor enables the quietest operation in its class meaning even small sites can still be viable. 30 & 40m tower options available

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  • Service & Maintenance

    Earthmill Maintenance provide comprehensive service and maintenance packages to keep your technology running at optimum efficiency.

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  • Condition Monitoring

    The most important choice you can make to protect your turbine by identifying faults at an early stage to avoid major incidents

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    Flexible options to cash in on your existing turbine by selling it to our partners or begin the process to purchase and install a new one

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